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While the Local health authorities require, certain protocols will be maintained due to the covid-19 pandemic.


* Maintain the interpersonal safety distance of 2 meters.

* Avoid greeting with physical contact, including shaking hands.

* We disinfect frequently throughout the day objects for personal use with disinfectant solution, as well as electronic equipment. * Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

* Avoid sharing sun creams or clothing.

* We supply diluted alcohol and / or gel, frequently and / or disinfectant wipes to customers.

* We work with groups of people whose number allows us to offer a quality service and safely, complying with preventive measures to minimize the risks of contagion.

* We provide the group with information on Covid-19 prevention measures.

* We register clients with full name, ID, current address and telephone number in order to apply the Covid-19 health protocol in case of contagion, we use an application to scan the DNI to avoid doing it manually.

* If someone from our staff presents symptoms directly related to Covid-19, even mild, such as: cough, fever, fatigue, they must refrain from providing service.

* The absence of watches, jewelry and other accessories is recommended.

* Cuts and injuries must be covered.

* We recommend not participating in active tourism activities for people belonging to risk groups (people over 60 years old, people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, pulmonary, chronic, diabetes, cancer or immunosuppression and pregnant women.)

* We have a first aid kit that has a thermometer to take the temperature of the hikers at the beginning of the activity.

* The security protocols of the natural space are taken into account (eg protocols, limitations and load capacity).

* We coordinate with other active tourism companies that operate in the area to avoid crowds, as well as with the competent authorities, for an orderly and safe use of public spaces. * We promote the electronic management of the reservation, payment and customer service.

* We select intermediate service providers during the excursion that comply with the protocols defined for each of the activities.

* In case of providing refreshments, they will be previously disinfected and delivered individually, in no way is it allowed to share glasses, cups or mate. * We plan avoiding making stops during the course of the service in confined spaces or where there is a large concentration of people. If this is not possible, we will implement the appropriate measures to minimize the risk of contagion.

* We ask clients to bring their own hydration and sun protection items as well as a small bottle with disinfectant.

* Use of chinstrap / face mask / mask. * We request to avoid any form of greeting and / or farewell that involves physical contact with the client and between clients. * In the case that we carry out in private transport in vehicles, we will place a floor cloth with bleach diluted in water (1 of 100) that will be placed on the floor to allow the ascent of the clients, where they will clean the feet. * Clients who go up to the unit must wear chinstraps / face masks throughout the journey (except during trekking) and keep distance from each other, using seats in between. * In case of coughing or sneezing, cover it with the crease of the elbow, to avoid the spread of fluids, after that, you should disinfect your hands with alcohol.

* We dispose of the used sanitary hygiene and protection materials appropriately and in the established places.

Detection of cases during the provision of the active tourism service

* The recommendations that the Ministry of Health makes available to the public on its website Coronavirus, which are periodically updated, will be taken into consideration, including the most current recommendations adapted to changing circumstances.


* A protocol of action is applied in case of detection of possible infected persons or of persons who have been in contact with the former.


* If you begin to have symptoms compatible with the disease (cough, fever, feeling of shortness of breath, etc.) you should contact the nearest health establishments and the Ministry of Health by calling 0800-555-8478 epidemiological surveillance Covid-19.


* Until the health authorities intervene, respiratory hygiene measures should be extreme, in addition to the use of a mask / mask, cover with the elbow flexing the mouth when coughing or sneezing, washing hands, if possible avoid contact with other people, den or be possible to maintain a safety distance of at least 3 meters. with other people at least.


* If you travel by public means of transport, avoid touching the handrails, windows and seats.

Land activities: Hiking / Trekking / Mountaineering / Horseback riding

* We will inform the visitor that in situations where distance cannot be maintained, the use of a chinstrap / tobacco mask / mask is essential; It will be necessary for you to have these PPE on hand at all times on the excursion. Ways of using paths and chops in relation to the load of visitors and their frequency, respecting the regulations in force in each sector, imposed by the National or Provincial authorities depending on whether they are National Parks or provincial territories or protected areas.


Overnight protocols in shelters, shelters, camps or other mountain sites.


We recommend additional protection elements such as sunglasses, goggles and / or transparent, clothing with pockets that allows carrying protection and disinfection elements during the activity; cap with visor and several plastic bags (in which the hygienic personal protection waste of each participant will be deposited for later disposal at the end of the activity).