FIRST - BENEFITS: This contract for the provision of Active Tourism services, which in accordance with art. 5 ° subsection 7 of the Active Tourism Law Regulation approved by Resolution No. 307/9 EATT, exclusively includes those benefits resulting from Active Tourism activities in the province of Tucumán. These general conditions, together with the remaining documentation that is delivered to users, make up this contract.



SECOND - ACCEPTANCE: The undersigned user contracts with the COCHA SAFARIS Company of JERONIMO IGNACIO PINO COVIELLO, (CUIT 20-29.532.980-8) known as and assumes that, due to the characteristics of these activities, they cannot be exempt from a certain risk. The contracting and payment made on behalf of the active tourism provider COCHA SAFARIS for any of the excursions automatically implies the reading, understanding and acceptance of all the rules, conditions and exemption detailed below.



THIRD - PROVIDER COMPLIANCE: COCHA SAFARIS declares to comply with all the prescriptions contained in Law 9,142 and Resolution 307/9 EATT that regulates the ordering of Active Tourism Activity in the province of Tucumán.



FOURTH - PUNCTUALITY: The participant must arrive at the meeting point at the agreed time. If he arrives more than 15 minutes late, he will be excluded from the crossing. The refunds that can be made in this case will be subject to the provisions of clause EIGHTEENTH.


FIFTH - PAYMENT OF THE TRIP: The expedition must be paid 100% before the start of the tour.


SIXTH - ADMISSION AND PERMANENCE: The organization reserves the right of admission and permanence of the participants, being able to exclude them from the journey for the following reasons: bad behavior, bad health conditions, attitude, damage to the environment, etc. When the participant's exclusion is due to improper conduct of the participant, he / she will not have the right to any refund for unused services. In the remaining cases, he will be subject to the cancellation regime in point No. 14 hereof.


SEVENTH - SUSPENSION AT THE START OF THE TRIP: Once the trip has started, the suspension, modification or interruption of services by passengers for personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or refund.


EIGHTH - INFORMATION RECEIVED: The participant declares to have received sufficient information about the activity to be carried out, itineraries, personal and collective material necessary as well as information related to insurance.


NINTH - RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIVITY: The guides, instructors and managers of the activity must be considered Expedition Managers and their instructions must be strictly followed. They can order its realization, modification or suspension. Even the access or not to the attractions - according to their good criteria, fundamentally taking into account individual and group safety -, an issue that prevails over all others and that from now on they can not give rise to claims of any kind. The participant must obey the instructions of the guides, avoiding being separated from the group, and adapting to the fact of traveling and / or living with other participants. The participant must use all the security elements that are determined in each case. Otherwise, it is at the discretion of those responsible the possibility of excluding them from the group, without the right to reimbursement or compensation.



TENTH - OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: Life and sport in the open air implies a momentary loss of certain comforts during a period of time, a fact that the participant declares to know and accept.


ELEVENTH - MINORS: All participants must present their complete documentation. In the event that minors travel, they must deliver to COCHA SAFARIS an authorization signed by their legal guardian, in which the signer declares to be responsible for them and to be aware of the risks and peculiarities of the contracted activity. This without prejudice to the corresponding legal authorizations.


I declare that I am the legal guardian of the following minors (specify name, age, weight and height approximately).












Some activities and promotions have a children's price. In case of attending minors, the corresponding rate of variable child price will be applied according to activity.


TWELFTH - INSURANCE: COCHA SAFARIS must certify reliably the contracting of comprehensive civil liability insurance that covers all the risks of its specific activity; of personal accidents, which covers the risk of death and total or partial, permanent or temporary disability; and medical and pharmaceutical assistance for each of the user tourists / hikers, with the details of the data of the insurance companies contracted as shown in the corresponding table on the first page of this document and for the insured amounts determined by current regulations.


THIRTEENTH - HEALTH STATUS: The passenger declares to be in the necessary psychophysical conditions for the practice of activities in which they are enrolled, and not being under the effects of relaxing, exciting or hallucinogenic substances during said activities. You must also detail prior to hiring the tour, any type of illness, medical problem or special situation (For example, allergies, diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure, operations, patient with post-covid-19 sequelae, medical recommendations, etc.) , disability, physical handicap or pregnancy that do not allow or that it is not advisable to carry out activities with physical effort. He must inform if he takes any specific medication that he should receive or contraindicated in an emergency.



FOURTEENTH - WEATHER CONDITIONS: Weather conditions and / or force majeure may force COCHA SAFARIS to modify the duration, route or activities originally planned without generating the right to reimbursement or compensation for the participants. The company may modify and / or suspend the journey due to factors that may endanger the safety of the participants.



FIFTEENTH - PHOTOGRAPHS AND FILMING: The participant agrees to be filmed or photographed by COCHA SAFARIS for informational or promotional purposes for commercial use and social networks. (Check all that apply):










(In case of accepting "YES", COCHA SAFARIS undertakes to send the images of the activity to the participant free of charge).


SIXTEENTH - DRUG AND ALCOHOL INTAKE - WEAPONS: During the voyage, any kind of non-therapeutic drugs or weapons are prohibited. Alcohol intake will be limited to the amount served by the organizer if that service is included. The taking or ingestion of medicines must be communicated to the organization.



SEVENTEENTH- ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: The participant must observe current legislation, especially in environmental matters, being prohibited any conduct that may cause damage to the environment. COCHA SAFARIS is not responsible for the behavior of the participants that transgress the communal or municipal, provincial, national or international legislation or ordinance.



EIGHTEENTH - BOOKING CANCELLATION EXPENSES: In the event that the participant requests the cancellation of services already confirmed by the agency, the refund of the amounts paid will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the respective providers operate. In all cases of refunds, COCHA SAFARIS may retain the price of the expenses incurred plus the commission of 10% of the contracted services. Cancellations must be made in writing.



NINETEENTH - SPECIAL COVID-19 CLAUSE: Users declare that they have received information and indications about COVID-19 prevention and containment measures from COCHA SAFARIS and do not suffer from any symptoms or suspicions in reference to it at the time of the excursion. They also know and voluntarily assume the risk of contagion of COVID-19 that involves carrying out any group activity.



TWENTIETH - DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: COCHA SAFARIS does not assume responsibility for the events that may occur on its voyages. That is why every time we go on an adventure we will assign responsibility to its organizer.







In the mountains, hills or plains there is an objective risk derived from low or high temperatures, rapidly changing climate, wind, storms, lightning, excessive humidity, slippery stones, cliffs, difficulties in obtaining water, less oxygen in the air, less atmospheric pressure, inability to procure food, falling stones, falling from a horse, etc. In addition, and as a consequence of this, in many mountains and places there are no permanent human settlements, no cell phone signal, fixed or any means of communication, which ends up multiplying the risk: In the event of any problem, help, if it arrives, It will be delayed and with less means, it is highly difficult to transfer any patient, the transfer of any sick or injured person is highly difficult, and in itself the task of requesting help is extremely complicated and of uncertain outcome.


When climbing a mountain, even on the simplest of trails, or even on the plains, there is naturally and inevitably risk.


When one decides to participate in a hiking excursion and / or photographic safari in the plains and / or mountains, he must first decide whether to take that risk or not. As each one has absolute freedom to make this decision, if he finally decides to participate, he assumes that risk for himself, fully aware that not only will he be exposed to damage derived from this dangerous environment but also the damage produced, the external help that it may be received will be of little value.


Assuming that risk means in practice that claims of any kind will be waived against COCHA SAFARIS, fellow excursionists or those who direct it for damages suffered that are not intentional, and implies understanding that guides or instructors CANNOT GUARANTEE health. and physical integrity of the signer.


DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY - I hereby declare that I am of legal age and have the power to sign this document. I declare that I am fully informed of the general conditions and the dangers posed by the active tourism activities that I contract. I confirm that I have understood the potential dangers of the trip I am hiring and the legal consequences of signing this valid document. Therefore, I understand and agree that neither COCHA SAFARIS, (Jerónimo Ignacio Pino Coviello - CUIT 20-29.532.980-8), nor the direct providers of each service, nor the employees or contractors who may have of all of them, nor guides outsourced, nor the owners of the elements or vehicles of any kind or any other service used in the excursion can be held responsible for any damage suffered to my person (from injuries, being lost in a place, or even death) or property, either by me or by my heirs. This disclaimer therefore includes accidents that affect physical, intellectual, mental, work, sports and physiological capacity in general, totally or partially, temporarily or permanently, or accidents that cause death, both to which claims are made. for damages, loss of profit, moral damage to themselves or to the beneficiaries and any other type of damage.- For this reason, I hereby release and exonerate all the persons mentioned above for the damages that may occur, regardless of the cause of these. I confirm that I have understood and I assume the potential dangers of the trip that I contract and the legal consequences of signing this legally valid document, and that it will prevent me from claiming for any damage that I suffer to my person or property, whatever the cause that produces it.


Likewise, I am responsible for the equipment that will be delivered to me (if that is the case) to participate in the contracted activity, committing myself in case of breakage or loss, to cover the cost of its repair or replacement.





N ° ______________





Between Jerónimo Ignacio Pino Coviello that rotates under the commercial name of Cocha Safaris, CUIT N ° 20-29.532.980-8 with Authorization granted by the Ente Tucumán Tourism and Provision of Active Tourism Services according to the general conditions expressed on the back of the Present.



Surname and Names:

D.N.I or Passport N °:



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In case of need, contact:



Services to be provided by the company:

Exercise: ____________________________________________________________________________






Days / hours:







Insurance and Medical Assistance - Established by Provincial Law No. 9,142, and its regulation Resolution No. 307/9 EATT:

Personal Accident and Medical Assistance Policy.


FEDERACION PATRONAL SEGUROS S.A. Av. 51 N ° 770 - La Plata - C.P. B1900AWP - Province of Bs. As.


Insured sum: Accidental death and disability $ 500,000. / Assist. medical and pharmaceutical without franq. $ 75,000. (Argentina pesos).



Term of the policy:


03-15-2021 to 03-15-2022.

Civil Liability Policy

FEDERACION PATRONAL SEGUROS S.A. Av. 51 N ° 770 - La Plata - C.P. B1900AWP - Province of Bs. As.


Insured sum: $ 1,000,000 (Argentina pesos).



Term of the policy:


03-15-2021 to 03-15-2022.





Price per contingent: ______________________ Price per passenger: _________________________






Signature: _________________________ Clarification: ____________________

Signature and clarification or stamp of the owner or legal representative or attorney-in-fact of the Active Tourism Service Provider.