POTRERILLO adventure





Departure from the place of origin. Possibility of doing it in horseback riding. Consult.


We arrived in the city of La Cocha. We continue our way to Huasa Pampa Sud, where we can visit its Church and ruins of an old Virginia tobacco stove, and then continue towards the Potrerillo Valley. It is immersed in the Yungas Jungle in the western area of ​​the La Cocha department on the banks of the El Potrerillo River, in the ravine formed between the homonymous Sierras, bordering the Paclin department, Catamarca; and the Summits of Los Llanos.

Rio Potrerillo, La Cocha, Tucuman
Mapa de La Cocha Aventura a El Potrerillo

Currently there are only two inhabited houses. But decades ago, it had several of them, however, the isolation of the place gave way to its inhabitants gradually moving away from the town and migrating to neighboring towns.


There are no validated roads to reach the place, it is only possible to visit the place through mountain trails that connect the town with the town of Huasa Pampa Sud, Tucumán and Balcosna, Catamarca. We will reach the top of the peaks of the plains where there is a cave of the Virgen del Valle that is visited by


pilgrims, that same place functions as a natural viewpoint, due to the characteristics of the hill. Once we arrive there we will observe a particular microclimate that is distinguished from the rest of the Department, with lower temperatures, with vegetation such as the one known as "goat's beard", ferns, etc., an almost virgin and isolated valley that extends from north to south, covered entirely by the Potrerillo river. In it we will see the old school, the cemetery, its surrounding areas, etc. the flora has a particular vegetation characteristic of the middle mountains and we will also observe the fauna of the area. We will have a picnic, a campfire dinner with myths, legends and games. Before sleeping in tents we will do an astronomical observation (depending on the weather). Overnight.


Then we will have a country breakfast with grilled tortillas and we will go to know a beautiful virgin waterfall. Then we will descend to return to the place of origin. Stop at La Cocha to have a snack at the Bus Terminal or elsewhere in the city. End of our services.